Dual Action Therapy(DAT) Platform

  1. Technology that can deliver therapeutic proteins directly to brain tissue through the blood brain barrier
    (BBB) using DAT (Dual Action Therapy) Platform.
  2. Treatment to cure degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's under development.


Alzheimer's disease

Main degenerative neurological disease that causes senile dementia
  • cause:
    1. Beta-amyloid (A beta) protein that makes up the neurons and amyloid plaques
    2. The hyperphosphorylated tau protein that makes up neurofibrillary tangles in nerve cells
  • Symptoms: Progressive memory and cognitive loss
  • Risk factors: age, genetic factors
  • Disease conversion treatment: None
Prevalence Rate and Market Size
Prevalence Rate
  • · About 70% of dementia patients over the age of 65 are due to Alzheimer's
  • · The prevalence rate of dementia among the elderly over 65 in Korea is approximately 10.33% (as of 2021)
  • · The prevalence rate of dementia among the global 65 and older is approximately 10.7%
Market Size
  • · The domestic market grew at an annual average of 8.6% (KRW 290 billion as of 2020)
  • · The global market grows at an annual average of 5.6%, and is estimated to grow up to $16.6 billion by 2040
Related Drugs
Chemical Drugs
  • · Symptom relief and delay in progression with symptomatic therapy
  • · Cholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors (ingredient names: donepezil, rivastigmine, and galantamine)
  • · NMDA receptor antagonist (ingredient name: memantine)
  • · BACE 1/BACE 2 inhibitor
Biotech Drugs
  • · Difficulty penetrating the cerebrovascular barrier
  • · Aducanumab, Crenezumab, Gantenerumab, ACI-35


Parkinson's disease

  • Cause:Neurodegenerative changes due to dopamine cell death
  • Symptoms: Tremors at rest, stiffness, difficulty exercising, and postural instability
  • Risk factor:Age
  • Treatment:None
Prevalence Rate and Market Size
  • · The average annual growth rate is Parkinson disease patients is 3.6%
  • · The number of Korea patients :111,312(as of 2020)
  • · The number of Global patients :Approximately 10 million
  • · Global Parkinson disease Market size :Approximately $4.9billion(as of 2021)
Related Drugs
Chemical Drugs
  • · Levodopa, dopamine agonist
  • · B-type monovalent amine oxidation inhibitor
  • · Anticholinergic drugs-control tremor
  • · Amantadine Hydrochloride-Controls tremors and stiffness, and improves spontaneous movement
Approved drugs
  • · Impax Pharmaceuticals: Rytary
  • · Newron Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.: Xadago
  • · Abbvie: Duopa
  • · Accorda Therapeutics: CVT-301
  • · Astrageneca: AZD-3241